Phone tracker app to spy any phone

This is a spying application created for you to monitor your target devices like smartphones or tablets. The app is a huge complex of functions and features with the highest productivity, yet so easy to use.

Call Recording

Listen to recorded incoming and outgoing calls, view the whole call history or download selected records

24/7 Customer Support

You can reach us any time of the day all week long concerning all questions or issues you have

Android & iOS

App is supported on all smartphones and tablets running on iOS or Android operational systems

GPS Tracking

Track the real-time location of your target device or view the history of locating captured on map

Browser Monitoring

Monitor the history of browsing, view all bookmarks or even block selected websites remotely

Available All Over the World

App is available in each and every corner of the world – all you need to have is Internet access

Our customers

People choose the PhonoSPY application because of its usability and productivity. Parents who care about the safety of their children are choosing PhonoSPY among all the other apps. Business owners use PhonoSPY app to prevent confidential and important data leaks.

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Effective Monitoring Solutions from PhonoSpy

If you are a concerned parent or an employer who wants to protect business from disloyal employees, you have probably thought about possible solutions for your problem. PhonoSpy was created to help people deal with family issues or business needs. This software provides its’ users with tools that they can use to check that their children are not involved with bad company or whether their employees tell them truth and don’t give private information about a company to competitors. If you need monitoring solutions, PhonoSpy is what you are searching for.

How to Monitor Mobile Device with PhonoSpy

One of the most effective ways to keep an eye on your employees or to better know your children are dealing with in their life is to start monitoring their mobile devices. Today a smartphone has become more than means for communication. People use these gadgets to send files, share photos, get access to Internet and communicate in any way possible.
PhonoSpy has a great variety of tools which allow you to spy on text messages, track GPS location, view browser history, photos and images stored on a target device and monitor social networks. These are the most common ways of sharing information that people use today and being able to have access to them significantly increases awareness about your kids’ personal life or employees’ communication.
The application is very simple in usage. There are a few simple steps that need to be done before gaining access to its text spy or call track feature. First, visit PhonoSpy’s official website and choose the package you like the most. Then select the type of subscription and make a purchase. As soon as the money transfer is complete, you will get a link for download on your email. Click the link and download the software. Install it on a target phone. Now you can use any gadget which has Internet connection to enter online dashboard where you can view all data including sms tracker report, current GPS location or web browser history.

PhonoSpy’s Monitoring Features

PhonoSpy offers eight major tools to satisfy your needs in cell phone tracking. Each of them allows receiving control over a specific area. Here is what becomes available to those who decide to buy PhonoSpy software.
– Online Chats
Online communication is the most popular way of sharing information today.
Control over text messengers allows increasing awareness about your kids’ or employees’ daily life.
– Text Message Spy
This tool allows reading all messages that a user receives or sends using a mobile device.
– Photos and Videos Tracking
View all stored media files on a target cell phone.
– Read Emails
Read all emails that a user receives or sends.
– Calendar and Contacts
Scroll through the list of contacts and plans or events which are saved in the calendar.
– Calls Tracking
Track all calls and even record them. Besides, you can block unwanted phone numbers.
– Applications Control
Delete and install any applications you want, as it provides total control over applications on a target gadget.
– GPS Location Tracking
With this function you will know about places that a user visits during a day.

Additional Features

Beside the main options that allow you to spy text messages or view list of contacts, there are some additional features which don’t provide some specific tracking solutions, but they give a few extra opportunities. For example, you can block a mobile device remotely. It means receiving total control over a smartphone. A user will not even understand why he or she cannot unblock the mobile device.
There is also an option to block some applications or forbid access to the list of contacts. You may set the alarm word and every time a user receives a message that contains this word a notification will be sent on your email or sms message on your cell phone.

PhonoSpy’s Guarantees

Whether you expect to acquire an effective sms spy tool or calls recording feature, you can rely on PhonoSpy’s guarantee policy. It says that clients have a right to demand all their money back within ten days if they don’t like the program. There is no need to explain in details the reasons why you don’t like it or prove that the app didn’t satisfy your expectations. The only condition is to do it within the first ten days after making a purchase. So, don’t lose your chance to get excellent software with wide choice of services for you monitoring needs.